To everyone who participated in the toy drive for St. Jude,

In early January I took a trip to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis Tennessee. The hospital looked like a college campus with multiple buildings for treatments, research, rehabilitation, and housing. Inside, the atmosphere reflected nothing of the typical hospital setting most of us are familiar with. It was colorful and filled with artwork, some created by patients, and includes play areas for the children for before and after treatments. St. Jude has an air filtration system so that there is no “hospital smell” when you enter.

Along with the welcoming and home-like atmosphere, the workers and doctors are unbelievably kind-hearted, humble, appreciative, and above all passionate.

They all work together as a team to achieve their ultimate goal of finding a cure to childhood cancers, regardless of the multiple obstacles and expenses they must endure to keep St. Jude running.

I was brought to the toy warehouse and inside I saw thousands of children’s toys, which included the ones so generously donated by all of you. Items on the toy list are accepted all year long and everything they receive, no matter how small, is cherished and appreciated by every worker at St. Jude.

I believe I speak for all the staff, doctors, and coordinators at St. Jude when I say thank you for your toy donations and above all your love and support.

Miss Dance of the United States,
Taylor Wagner

Performing Arts Academy