"I have been watching the Performing Arts Academy Recitals/Shows for over 15 years, even before I had a daughter. I say show because it's always like watching a professional entertaining showcase of dance.

But it wasn't until I had a daughter and enrolled her at PAA that I realized what an amazing studio this is for children to learn about dance. My first experience was when I enrolled my daughter at 2 years old, she was very young and had a little trouble leaving me in the waiting room. I talked to Miss Dawn about this, and she said "maybe she's just not ready, why don't you bring her back next year when she's 3". I was so happy that she understood, didn't judge me, and didn't try to push us into anything. I brought her back the next year and she is going on her 13th year dancing at PAA.

Whether you have a child who wants to dance professionally or just wants to have fun in a recreation class, PAA is the place to go. My daughter now calls PAA not only her second home but her second family. Miss Dawn, Miss Meghan and the staff at PAA are very simply put.... the best teachers, from the pre school classes where they are taught by warm loving and friendly teachers up to the advance classes where they are challenged every day.

I could not ask for a better place for my daughter's dance education. Not only is she taught discipline, hard work, respect for others, respect for herself, team work, and a love of dance, she has been taught an inner self confidence that money just cannot buy. Anyone with a child who wants to go to dance class whether boy or girl, ballet or tap, hiphop or acro, I can say first hand, The Performing Arts Academy is the best place to put your child!! - Sue Murphy

"My daughter has been dancing at PAA since she is 4 and she is about to turn 17! This has been our home away from home and it is an amazing journey when you have not only watched your daughter grow as a dancer but as a person. This studio and staff has not only taught technique ,dance and and how stay in shape it has taught life lessons, it has built confidence and self esteem and most of all it has inspired my daughter to be a very passionate, kind, caring young lady! thank you! I Also need to give a shout out to all the PAA families that have participated in this journey and made it such a great trip! "- Audrey Flynn

"My daughter has been dancing with PAA since she was just 2. She just turned 8 and has been part of the dance company for 3 years and performed in her 7th PAA recital. She is receiving the top/best dance training around from all the teachers at PAA, and is making great friends. PAA staff and older dance company members have guided her through her short time there and encourage her to grow better and better everyday, she looks up to them and hopes to be like them when she grows up. A huge shoutout to all the PAA staff especially Dawn and Meghan!"
- Erynn Jordan Norton

This testimonial was sent to Miss Dawn by another studio after a competition....

I had to take a moment to tell you that I was at the competition this weekend. Year after year we go to comps with amazing dancers that win all and they deserve it. however, year after year they are rude , pretentious and obnoxious.


Thank you for sharing them with us this weekend. what ever you are doing you are doing it right. thank you for not only teaching them about dance but about how to be kind to those that aren't as talented. your routines left me without breath. i would love to come see your recital however I'm way too far away for the drive. best of luck and thank you again . Well done!"

"I am a very proud graduate as well as former teacher for PAA. It is nothing but the best and will always be my family. I would make the 2 hour drive to see and be with my family here anytime. It is with pride I say that I am a part of something special and no where else can give you the amazing training and family feel that you are looking for. - Barrett McManimon Stillitano

"My daughter has been dancing with PAA since she was just 2.5. She is now 14 and just performed in her 11th PAA recital. She has not only recvd amazing dance training from all the teachers at PAA, but she has gained lifelong friends and a second family. She has learned so much more than dance. They are shaping her and helping her to become who she wants to be. We are thankful for each and every teacher especially this year. They spent time with her preparing for auditions and interviews when applying for High School. We are so happy that she was accepted into MCST's dance academy and she would have never had the confidence to even try out if it weren't for the love and support she had been given." - Kimberly Ann Baker

"I am grateful to be a part of the PAA family! The students and parents have welcomed me as a new member of the teaching staff with open arms and I feel blessed to work with so many amazing teachers. But more than anything, it's been great to see my daughter so happy and excited to go to class and dance with her incredible teachers and all of the wonderful friends she's made in the dance company!" - Cheryl Downey

"PAA was my home away from for ten years where I received a top notch dance education and traveled all over the east coast with the competition team. Miss Dawn is an amazing artistic director and PAA became my family. The amount of professional year round teachers, master classes, and competition opportunities with PAA are endless and I was able to continue my love for dancing through college. Thanks PAA for great years!" - Melissa Dazo

"We have been at PAA for 14 years. We have been involved in the both recreational and competitive programs. The dance technique and choreography taught is simply amazing. But more than that the teachers really care about the children. My girls spend many hours at the studio and the staff knows as much of what is going on in their lives as I do. The dance families are really close which makes it all the more special. We love PAA!" - Kerry Gillen Flahive

"This was my daughters first year starting in tap and ballet, and she absolutely loved her class and was so excited for all of the great things she learned each week in class with Miss Adriana! Even at 3, she learned so many dance terms and would come home with something new to show us everyday!!" - Michelle D'Angelo

"Thanks to PAA for another amazing year of dance. All the years we have been there have given us such joy! The classes, the discipline, the hard work, the shared enthusiasm of teachers and students, ...have all contributed to the personal growth and commitment my daughter has, not only to her love of dance, but to life outside of dance as well. So glad we are a part of the PAA family!!"- Barbara Gasnick

"My daughter has been taking dance at PAA since she was 2 years old, and I cannot say enough positive things about our experience. It's a studio where every child can receive a top notch dance education- whether they compete or just take recreational classes. The teaching staff is the absolute best- we love our PAA family!" - Alyssa King

"We are extremely happy with how Miss Dawn and the wonderful teachers at PAA have prepared our daughter Amanda for her college journey in the Fordham University/Ailey BFA dance program as she aspires for a career in professional dance. We have been proud members of the PAA dance family since 1997 and we and our daughters have made friends for life through the studio." - Chris Egan

"I have been dancing at PAA since I was two years old and I just finished my senior year. After sixteen years, I could not be any happier. The staff is motivated and hard working; I have learned so much more than dance at PAA. Loyalty, dedication, and hard work are tenets that are successfully upheld within the studio. The students are all kind and talented, and I am so proud to call myself a member of the PAA company. Performing Arts Academy is a second home to me, and the staff and students are a second family. I would recommend PAA to anyone who wants to dance. It is a great environment as well as a great dance education. PAA prepared me for anything, and I have the studio to thank for becoming a member of Fordham University's dance team for my college years. I love PAA and I will definitely miss it when I move to New York City for college in the fall!!! - Rachel Meyer

"As a former teacher and a dance mom, I am so very grateful to be a part of the PAA dance family! PAA prides themselves on not only providing their students with the best dance training in Northern New Jersey, but also providing them with the knowledge and know-how to develop themselves as individuals and to bring out the best in everyone! They develop dancers with confidence, poise and pristine technique. The PAA dance staff continues to lead their students only in positive directions, whether it may be to just dance as a hobby or dance to compete, you will always get the same result, success! PAA students have achieved National and Regional Titles, danced on Broadway, Cruise liners, and DIsney!! They know how to plant the seed and watch you bloom! No matter where my daughter and I go in life, we always know that PAA's door is open! This family is FOREVER and there is no other place I'd rather be!!! "- Judy Lodema

"I'm so happy I was able to spend my senior year at PAA! Not only has my dancing improved because of the amazing staff, but I have made lifelong connections with the other dancers & teachers. PAA welcomed me with open arms & it is the best place to come for dance of any kind! I will miss being there next year, but I will still support PAA even when I'm away at college." - Heather Downey

" I am an alumni of PAA and the training from this studio is incredible. Not only are you able to grow and learn as a dancer. This studio is part of my family. If it were not for this studio I would not be who I am today!" - Alyssa Milano

"I love being apart of the amazing teaching staff at PAA. We are a dance FAMILY!! My daughter is in the company and can't wait to take class everyday with her amazing teachers! And my son just performed in his first recital with our amazing Acro Program!" - Nadine Ormsby

"I am an alumni of the PAA dance family. I learned so much from the teachers and the past and present dancers throughout my time there. I would not be the person I am today without the amazing experiences and opportunities that were available to me!" - Kaite Nicole

"We have been part of the PAA family for 9 years. They focus on developing the whole dancer, impeccable technique as well as self confidence & team spirit. Through the continued guidance and support from the talented staff, our children have achieved national/regional titles and numerous recognitions. Thank you PAA!" - Jennifer Schneider

"PAA was my second home for 14 years- Dancing, learning, growing and making memories that will last a lifetime. Who wouldn't want that for their child? Check out this amazing dance studio now!!!" - Joy Rose

"I am a proud graduate of PAA! It is my second home and a place where I have grown as a dancer and person. I am so grateful for the incredible teachers at PAA who continue to inspire me as I continue my journey as a dancer in college." - Amanda Egan

"Performing Arts Academy is a second home to me!! PAA is one big family with inspiring teachers and great students! With such a phenomenal studio space in Pompton Lakes NJ, everyone feels welcome." - Sami Murphy

"How impressive to have pictures run so smoothly and on time from 8:45am with my 3.5 yr old until late afternoon with my tween in multiple routines." - Heather Fernicola

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