Amand Gold Medal Dance-1It’s hard to believe that Amanda’s time at PAA is almost over.  After Nationals, she will take the next step towards her dream of a career in dance by attending Fordham.  Here are some of Amanda’s favorite memories at PAA.

Amanda Egan 1st tap-1Amanda began dancing when she was 4 years old, and remembers being very shy.   Her first solo was in 6th grade, however she said it wasn’t really until her Freshman year of high school that she really felt herself take a huge step forward as a dancer.  It was at this time that everything that she had learned at PAA came together.

Amanda soon realized just how much she loved being on stage, and more recently how much she enjoyed coaching and helping the other students grow as dancers.  What stood out to Amanda the most about the PAA teachers is how much they continued to challenge her over the years.  She admits that while she didn’t always like Ballet in the beginning, she soon realized that the continuous corrections only made her a stronger dancer in the end.

Amanda Egan Tap 2005When asked about how dance has impacted her life,  Amanda said that dance has helped her develop an incredible work ethic and focus- whether it was for her schoolwork, tennis, or managing her time effectively.

Amanda’s advice to PAA dancers is to really understand yourself as a dancer – to understand that everyone has different styles and there is much to learn from watching other dancers.

Amanda and Miss Dawn 2015We wish Amanda continued success and hope that she will fulfill her dream of dancing professionally in the future.   She was always there with a smile, and her presence at PAA will be truly missed.

Thank you, Amanda for all of the wonderful memories you have given to the teachers and students here at PAA.  We will continue to update you on Amanda as she continues her road to a career in Dance.